Μήνας: Νοε 2020


Héllēnes. Labrini Stavrou from Ancient Kallos With time and effort, the Greek brand name eventually reached a point where we could count good reputation, great aesthetic and innovative designs. A growing number of brands with high value all over the world are mixing the iconic Greek aesthetics blending the past with the future, the history …

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“Kazani” in Naoussa? Yes please!

“Kazani” in Naoussa? Yes please! The Turkish word kazan ‘pot’ was adapted in Greek as kazani, which generally means ‘boiler’. In particular, it means ‘pot still’ and then, consequently, ‘the whole plant for distillation’ and even ‘the building that houses it’. However, the word ‘Kazani’ reveals a series of other events that take place during …

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