The clothing, the grouping, the adoration, the itinerary, the musical repertory, the dances, the barrel organs and the participants preserve the same rules through centuries. It is here, in the Heroic city of Naoussa where the famous carnival of “Genitsari & Boules” revives. Delve into the tradition of the custom and gather the pieces of an untold story


Naoussa could not be missing from the scattered heritage of Greek history. On the foot of Vermio, the Macedonians founded their first capital, Aigai, and laid the foundations of the kingdom that would later dominate. Embark on a timeless journey through the royal tombs of Vergina and Mieza, stand at the school of Aristotle where the great philosopher studied Alexander the Great, and be witness of the great heritage of our ancestors.


Good things come in pairs and Naoussa offers you not one, but two ski resorts on its doorstep. The ski center of 3-5 Pigadia (2000m) is located on the west side fo mount Vermio. Fully equipped with an artificial snow system and runs suitable for all levels of skiers, it is, by all means, the best resort in the country. Furthermore, the ski center of Seli (1900m) is located on the east side of mount Vermio and is considered the birthplace of skiing in Greece since it operates from 1956


Your tour to Naoussa will in no case, be considered complete if you don’t include in it a visit to the renewed vineyards of the region. Northern Greece wine roads cross Naoussa’s wine producing area par excellence. It is here that the region’s oeno-culture was mainly developed and where Xinomavro, its most prestigious wine come from. Luxuriate on the richness and diversity of the trails, discover corners of the territoty full of farms and open cellars and taste the artistic heritage of Xinomavro.


There is something mythical about any exploration. Whether you prefer hiking, mountain climbing, horse riding, or just a loose pace and immediate touch with nature, the wider area of Naoussa offers it generously. Discover the secret trails of the Vermio mountain range and let the everlasting, evergreen scenery compensate you


The Steps of Apostle Paul is the most important and long-lasting reference point of the general and ecclesiastical, local history. Christian faith found fertile ground in the region and became quickly an important center of Byzantium with a large number of temples and monasteries of exceptional archaeological and architectural importance such as the monastery of Panagia Soumela with its miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary made by the Evangelist Luke and the 14th-century monastery of Timios Prodromos where great forms of monasticism are associated with its prosperity
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