Labrini Stavrou from Ancient Kallos

With time and effort, the Greek brand name eventually reached a point where we could count good reputation, great aesthetic and innovative designs.
A growing number of brands with high value all over the world are mixing the iconic Greek aesthetics blending the past with the future, the history with innovation.
We are proud to host at the Palea Poli Post, Labrini Stavrou, one of the two founders of Ancient Kallos.
The worth of the “Made in Greece” is finally arising and Ancient Kallos has been a pioneering brand.
Editor: How would you define “Luxury” in travel?
Lambrini: When it comes to travelling , luxury can be approached in many different ways. I believe that the concept of luxury must be closely related to the maximum enjoyment and convenience that the traveler is getting through his stay. The pleasure from a premium experience and the feeling of refreshment that is drawn through it, is what characterizes a luxury trip.
Editor: Where do people, in your opinion, find sources of inspiration? Where do you find yours?
Lambrini: Inspiration cannot be precisely defined. Every person has different sources of inspiration, but also every source of inspiration is reflected differently by every person.Ιn recent years I have noticed that my greatest inspiration comes from experiences throughout my travels. I have always believed that traveling broadens someone’s horizons and develops his spiritual world. I feel delightfull when I manage to capture an emotion or an experience through my work because it’s a way of expressing myself.
Editor: How would you describe your own perfect luxury experience?
Lambrini: The perfect luxury experience is divided into many different factors that can turn a trip into the ultimate luxury experience. Some of the fundamental conditions that must be observed are comfortable accommodation, good food and impeccable views. But don’t forget, in order to be a real pleasure, all of the above must be accompanied by good company and positive mood.
Editor: If you only had 24 hours to get a taste of a hotel experience, what would you recommend guests must do? (in and outside of the hotel)
Lambrini: In case I only had 24 hours to spend in a hotel, the hotel facilities and services would be crucial. A morning session at the gym, followed by a sauna and hot tub, is undoubtedly a great way to wake up in the morning. Delicious meals and a variety of activities in the surrounding area like museums and spots of natural beauty, can complete the experience. While the best way to end a great day is to relax and sleep in a cozy bedroom.

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