In an outstanding setting in the heart of Naoussa, on the footsteps of mount Vermio historical district, rediscover the unique charm of deluxe boutique hotel Palea Poli; a 19th-century silk factory that has been exemplary renovated in 9 accommodation hideaway. The luxurious and welcoming premises of the hotel, with its awe-inspiring Mid War furnishings, recreate the aura of the remarkable past, making guests feeling their hearts throbbing to the beat of the good old days of Naoussa.


Palea Poli has received numerous awards for its impeccable management, the warmth of its hospitality and the attention lavished on its guests.


Palea Poli’s cuisine presents the true potential of seasonal and regional ingredients to create a contemporary Greek culinary landscape. Cheeses from Macedonia and rusk from Crete, olive oil from the Peloponnese, and beans and cold cuts from Northern Greece to name but a few; they all play their role as we bring you the celebrated Greek cuisine in its freshest and most playful form.



Rarely is a place suitable for holidays in all four seasons, rarely is a place as beautiful all year round as Naoussa. Discover an autumn getaway full of nostalgia, a winter outing dressed in white, a spring refreshing excursion, a summer trip to relaxation. Here every season has its own beauty!!!

The hotel boasts a portfolio of events that cater for any occasion – from lunches, parties, engagements, weddings and baptisms to charity events and business meetings.


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