Χωρίς κατηγορία

“Kazani” in Naoussa? Yes please!

“Kazani” in Naoussa? Yes please! The Turkish word kazan ‘pot’ was adapted in Greek as kazani, which generally means ‘boiler’. In particular, it means ‘pot still’ and then, consequently, ‘the whole plant for distillation’ and even ‘the building that houses it’. However, the word ‘Kazani’ reveals a series of other events that take place during …

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Introducing Xinomavro

Introducing Xinomavro One of the finest red wines in Greece, exclusively produced in Naoussa. Time of harvest and the wineries in Naoussa get busy producing one of Greece’s finest wines. Get to know the full story of Xinomavro, a red-wine variety exclusively produced in the region of Naoussa. Share on facebook Facebook

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