Sweater weather and comfort food

A new wave of creative chefs is taking Greek cuisine to the next level
Housed in a 19th century traditional building with its stone and wood balanced interior and awe-inspiring mid-war furnishing, Deluxe Boutique Hotel Palea Poli is an authentic representation of the local rich cultural legacy. When it comes to dining, the guests of Palea Poli Restaurant have the opportunity to experience the finest service in a serene and most friendly ambiance, while tasting “homely and creative Greek cuisine”.
Palea Poli Restaurant presents the true potentials of seasonal and regional ingredients to create a contemporary Greek cuisine that is fresh and playful. The cheeses of Macedonia and rusks of Crete, olive oil from the Peloponnese, and beans and cold cuts from Northern Greece are finally getting the role they deserve in the Greek culinary landscape. Xinomizithra, Grilled beef & lamb with pitta bread are some dishes that present the foundation of the restaurant’s purpose to fully release the ingredients’ potential in a symphony of flavours inspired by years of Greek tradition.
Dine in fine comfort! During the cold winter days enjoy your meal by the majestic fireplace perhaps with some of the town’s renowned wine, of which the restaurant keeps a full selection in their own wine cellar. During summer, Palea Poli Restaurant is extended in its magnificent garden, an inviting oasis of serenity and peacefulness to enjoy your meal or just unwind under the stars with a signature cocktail and soft music background.
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