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With fewer crowds, lower prices and an abundance of festivals, there are plenty of reasons why you should be packing your bags and savor a fall getaway.
Fall is one of the very best times of the year to take a mountain trip as the weather is cool, but not freezing, so perfect time for hiking or trekking and, of course, the technicolor fall scenery simply can’t be beat!!!
If you are looking for a beautiful fall foliage experience, keep on reading to a brand new mountain excursion, delivered to the public just a month ago.
What is mostly admirable about this story, is the people behind the trail, who worked with lots of passion, effort and countless hours of personal work. Permanent residents of the area, this incredible team delivered an awe-inspiring experience for all of us to live and definitely enjoy at no cost, rather than respect to this natural reserve.
Starting from Metamorfosi, just 20km from Naoussa city center and at an altitude of 1,000 meters, the approximately 2km new trail will take you to a unique spectacle in the mount of Vermio: beautifully invincible, with epic foliage views, the pedestals of Nefeli, Erato, Kallisto and Koronida, are a treasure trove of scenic, outdoorsy goodness that will definitely get a place in your heart, well-deserved.
Expect a degree of difficulty at the 4th index, the third pedestal Kallisto with its spring to steal your heart, the 2km of the new path spectacularly revealing the beauties of the woods and waters of the Great Stream shining on the grounds.
You could pack your lunch and enjoy it at the end of your journey on the stunning grounds of the 1800 A.D. chapel, nested in the heart of the mountain. The place has been excellently looked after and offers an organised picnic area with tables, drinking water, grills and firewood.
Alternatively, you could join an organised tour and enjoy this excursion with the companion of an expert team that will take you safely through to the paths, share with you interesting facts about the area and possibly reveal some secrets of the woods.
In both cases, expect to become a witness of sacred wilderness and enjoy unforgettably scenic views… a fall memory to last for life!
photo courtesy by @ johnkoukphotography
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